Оne significant con of the socks

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There is one significant con of the socks made from natural materials. We are not taking to account scratching caused by the wool, because it's more of a personal preference (some people like it, others don't). So the con is the wool is rubbing off. Different materials, including synthetic materials, can be used to reinforce heels and toes. But this doesn't work for me as I assure that my product is 100% natural. Keeping my product natural and ecofriendly, I use a special reinforcement technique for those parts of the socks which rub off quickly due to foot anatomy.

Scratchy socks

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Some people are confused that socks made from raw homegrown wool are so scratchy. In fact, “irritation”, due to the rough woolen texture, helps to improve blood circulation and normalize blood pressure. Lanolin (wool wax) is an antiseptic, it helps to heal the wounds and beneficially affects muscles and joints. But it doesn't make sense to  convince anybody to wear wool knits if they are allergic or feeling discomfort wearing them.